Pixie Woods Children's Park

About Pixie Woods

Founded on the core value that reflects an unwavering commitment to the Stockton community, the Pixie Woods Children's Park first opened its door in 1954 through the generous support of the City of Stockton, local businesses and organizations, and numerous Stockton citizens. Over the past sixty years, over one million visitors from near and far have come and experienced the beauty and magic that this enchanted fairyland holds. Today, Pixie Woods remains true to its tradition of being a wonderland for the "young in age and the young at heart".

Present and Past

Huell Howser video Pixie Woods history video Pixie Woods vintage photos

Road Trip With Huell Howser who visited the three and a half acres of wonderland of Pixie Woods Children's Park in 2007.

Pixie Woods is 60 years old! Looking Back on some of the history of Pixie Woods in the first 50 years! Stay tuned for updates from the last 10.

Vintage Pixie Woods pictures put together by Glenn Pitts, son of beloved Dorotha Pitts, who was part of the special magic of the enchanted forest of Pixie Woods!

Board Members

R.J. Alford, Flora Anderiasian, Bill Brown, Gina Calder, Julie Dameron, Scott Grafius,
Don Grishott, Judith "Jay" Holmes, Anthony Ippolito, Gunter Konold, Michael Lothrop, Jonathan Moscato,
Carol Konold Murray, Mary Pennini, Jeff Ryan, Peg Sadek, Johnnie Salady, Yvonne Sampson,
Gae Stewart, Bill Stoemer, Daryl Verkerk
As a volunteer advisory group, the Pixie Woods Board assists the Community Services Department of City of Stockton in a number of ways to ensure the current and future success of this children's playland. In addition to acting in an advisory capacity to program development and operations, the Board promotes park activities and fundraises for park improvements and projects. Interested in joining the Pixie Woods Board? Please visit the Board-operated Pixie Woods Facebook page.